As a Gamer, Do I Really Need a Gaming Chair ?

Instead of jumping to the conclusion, let’s make a comparison of the two pictures below: 


As we can see in pictures, these two seats share many similarities in design. That’s the reason why we sometimes call gaming chair as racing chair.

Car seats are designed in this way given the fact that driving requires high concentration, especially in some occasions, like racing tournaments. Our body consumes a lot of energy being concentrated, so if the mental fatigue can not be alleviated, there is no way to keep concentrated for a long time. Given this, designers must stand in driver’s shoes and offer a driver-friendly design in the first place. They start from the seat-on which drivers must sit whenever they get into a car.

Here comes another question: do you need to concentrate when playing game?

For designers of the gaming chair, their priority in designing is to ensure its comfort.

Comfort is not just about how soft is the seat and the backrest. Apart from that, many factors need to be taken into consideration, including how to support human body without bringing harm to the back,which material feels good, or which design can help correct sitting position.

About functions

1.Why adjustable armrests are important?

Frankly speaking, our length of arm is different, and so does our preferable sitting position. You will finally feel at ease when laying your elbow on the armrest that is adjusted to fit you.

2.Why cushion behind your back is important?

After sitting for hours, you need to straighten your back. The cushion can be adjusted to wherever you want to lean on. Also, straighten your back in the game and you will be the winner!

3.Why putting down the backrest of chair for a rest instead of laying on a bed?

When you want to take a break after the first set, the back in 135-degree is your best option.Have a rest and always be prepared cause carrying on the call of duty is every gamer’s destiny!


About design

What comes up to your mind when you see a chair like this?  Colorful settings or your favourite game characters? You might even feel your adrenaline is surging through your vein. Even though you can not tell the reason, but the feeling is real. Well, that’s the feeling that the design gives. You know for sure that this feeling will accompany you through every journey, every challenge and every battle. 

Back to our first question: as a gamer, do I really need a gaming chair ? Yes if can choose a right gaming chair.  

Got your back ! That’s what IWMH gaming chairs are created for.